Crazy Weather

Not like most of the rest of the country but bizarre enough for Seattle.  We had a delightful stretch of days to end February: I played golf Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Friday was especially nice–almost short-sleeve weather with temperature in the mid 50’s by the time I finished my morning round.  I took this picture of the Meadowbrook Slough along Mt. Si’s hole number 11.

Saturday was cold and wet with the temperature twenty degrees colder than Friday afternoon. It began to snow late in the evening and today (Sunday) we woke up to a shallow coating of frozen snow and rain. That didn’t stop us from making a trip into Issaquah to have breakfast at the Barnes & Noble Starbucks where we were treated to a unique, Northwest-only scene.  The Starbucks café overlooks a large, nicely landscaped pond and perched on the pedestrian bridge was a magnificent eagle, eyeing it seemed, the mallards cruising nearby. I grabbed my camera from the car but Mr. Eagle departed before I could capture him digitally.

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