Picasso at SAM

We set out on a clear but very chilly (by Seattle standards; 31 degrees) morning to visit the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) Picasso exhibit.  I’ve seen just a handful of Picasso pieces over the years but really only thought of his work in terms of the cubist paintings and the incredible Guernica canvas (which I got to see at the Museum of Modern Art in NY sometime in 1969 or 70, I think). The SAM exhibit included a wide range of Picasso’s work from 1905 to 1970 and I came away with a much better appreciation of the breadth and complexity of his genius.  There were tons of pieces with excellent narrations accompanying twenty-five or so of them.  I really enjoyed the bronze sculptures and both Trisha and I were especially taken by this goat.  We thought he would look good in our yard.


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