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Winter Just Keeps Coming

The snow from January just melted away last week and now we get another inch or so….

Back yard and some of the juncos queued up waiting for me to clear the patio and for Trisha to put out some seed.

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Snowy Start to 2017

I read that it’s the first snowy New Year’s Day in Seattle in some twenty-five or so years. I’m certainly not starting out the year with a round of golf!


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Cold Weather Record

Coldest day in over two-and-a-half years:


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Snow Day

I think this is the heaviest snowfall we’ve had in three years or so; looks like about 14 inches in our yard:


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Super Wet October

The odd weather year continues with the wettest October ever for Seattle:oct_record_rainSome locales on the coast had more than 20 inches. Officially, North Bend had less than Seattle but my little backyard rain gauges had us over ten inches.

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Nice Fall Sunset

We’ve had a lot of rainy days but tonight we got a short reprieve and a beautiful sunset.


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Weekend Rain

We didn’t get the predicted big wind storm but there was a lot of rain. Two-and-a-half inches Thursday and another three inches Friday through Sunday. That’s already more than the average for the entire month of October.

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Yikes! Rain

It’s already one of the wettest years in Seattle history.


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Wettest Seattle Winter

The “official” rainy season runs from October 1 to March 1. And we’ve just had the wettest five-month season in Seattle history with 38.22 inches of rainfall, about 13 inches above average. And the long-term forecast calls for more rain for most of March!

Wettest Water Year

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Bandon Dunes Sunrise

In my seven trips to Bandon Dunes I’ve been blessed with such good weather. Although I had mostly overcast yesterday and even a bit of light rain at the very end of the day, I got another gorgeous sunrise this morning.Bandon_practice_range_2314

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