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Custer State Park; Needles Highway

A day of leisure driving.  We stopped back at Mt. Rushmore to spend a bit more time at the inside exhibit. Then off to Custer State Park, the Iron Mountain Road with its Pigtail Bridges, the Needles Highway and the Wildlife Loop.


Needles Highway tunnel





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Mt. Rushmore & Bear Country

After struggling, believe it or not, to find a Starbuck’s for a latte to start the day we spent the morning visiting Mount Rushmore.  What a fabulous setting.  It was more impressive than I remember as a ten-year-old over 50 years ago.  From the famous monument we drove a bit through Custer State Park then stopped off at Bear Country USA, one of those drive-through wild-life parks.  It was very cool: in addition to dozens of bears we saw elk, big horn sheep, a wolf, mountain goats, pronghorn sheep, reindeer, bobcats, et al., all very close up.


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