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Another Fantastic Day at the Boeing Classic Golf Tournament

Boeing Jet Flyover the 18th Hole to Open the Tournament

I think this is the fifth year I’ve attended the first day of the Boeing Classic Golf Tournament at TPC Snoqualmie Ridge.  Once again, it was a perfect weather day: mid 70’s with just a few scattered clouds.  I watched warm-ups for about 45 minutes then had a traditional hot dog for lunch with a couple of scoops of Ben and Jerry’s for dessert.  I watched several groups over the first four holes, spent a few minutes at the number 9 green then camped out just off the 14th green to see who could successfully navigate the now famous “canyon hole.”  It was perversely gratifying seeing Andy Bean take a seven on the hole, hitting out of two bunkers, sculling the second attempt into the woods and finally two-putting from inside ten feet.

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