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Smitten by Autumn

I guess I’m making the mental transition into fall. I got this view walking back from the mail box this afternoon.  Gee it’s lovely. Mild temperature, slight drizzle and stunning colors with the mountains in the background.


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Fall morning

Quite a different view than yesterday: mild, light rain, beautiful trees.


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Fall Sunrise

Beautiful fall sunrise today but the forecast looks gray for the rest of the week.


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Another Weather Record: A Month’s Rain in Two Days

Before today is over, the weather experts predict we’ll have had more than 1.5 inches of rain from a single day-and-a-half storm.  That’s almost the average total rainfall for the entire Month of May.  Earlier this week, there was a story in the Seattle Times about the 65 feet of snow still covering the North Cascades Highway which typically would have been cleared three-four weeks ago.


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